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Who are the Aryans and who are the Brahmins?

Who are the Aryans and who are the Brahmins?

To make it easier to understand, please try to define who are the Americans?
If we want to answer the question thoroughly on who are the Americans we have to discuss about the Native Americans (also called earlier as Red Indians by European settlers), European Americans (Also called as White Americans), African Americans (Also called as Black Americans), Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans. A deep look into their origin would show they were from diverse ethnic, racial, religious groups.
The terms were coined during the 19th and 20th Century. But if you go back in history before the European settlers came to America there was no name as Native American or Red Indian. The original tribes of the current continental America were by names Apache, Seminole, Mohican, etc. The spirit of Americanism so far is so great that these diverse distinctions gradually erode away and in another say 500 years from now American may mean the inhabitants of America. Only a close and thorough investigation at that time will reveal Native Americans had nothing to do with European Americans racially and African Americans had nothing to do with European Americans or Native Americans and so forth.
Likewise the term Aryan has meant a very wrong meaning now. A thorough and detail investigation reveals Aryans were not a single race or from a single religious background. It will be hard for the current Brahmins to accept this truth as most of the theories about Brahmans revolve around the thinking as if Aryans were a single race. 

To unravel the mystery and bring forth the truth one has to check the contradictions in ancient stories like Ramayana and Mahabharata.

To indicate the Caste system did not exist during the actual historical period of Ramayana and Mahabharata there are many evidences within those poems.

Drona was the teacher for the Kavravas and the Pandavas.

According to the Caste system practised in India during the 15th to 19th Century AD a person of a Caste cannot work in a different category of work than that of his Caste. So a Brahmin has to learn the Vedas and perform Prayers. A King has to fight wars and cannot perform Prayers and a Sudra cannot fight or perform prayers.

So according to this rule if Drona was a Brahmin then he and his sons could not have has fought in the Mahabharata war and Drona could not have been the commander / General for the entire Kavrava army at one point of time. But the Mahabharata in contradiction to this shows Drona and his sons waged war. At the same time at another chapter in the Mahabharata there is a story in which Drona’s cows were taken away by thieves and Arjuna has to go with his army to recover the cows and return them back to Drona and the logic here was Drona was a Brahmin and could not bear arms and hence Arjuna has to go to fight for Drona. Are these two incidents contradictory to the theory of Caste?

If so, why?

Let us take the case of Karuna. Karuna was raised up by a chariot driver. Until Karuna’s death the general public did not know he was actually the son of Kundi the Mother of the Pandavas. So to the public Karuna was a charioter’s son. Under what category were charioters according to Brahmanism? They were Sudras. So if the caste system was prevalent during the times of Mahabharata then Duriodana could have never made Karuna a King because it violates the laws of castes. If Duriodana dared to challenge castes then Drona and other Brahmins should have left the Kauravas or punished Duriodana but that did not happen. Not only was Karuna made a King (conversion from a Sudra to a Kshatriya) but also he was eligible to contest to marry Dravpathi! (A Sudra turned Kshatriya to marry a Kshatriya Princess!). If castes existed at that time do you think that would have been possible?

Let us take the case of Krishna. Krishna was born in a King’s family (Kshatriya) but was grown up in a Merchant family (Vaysya) but did the job of a Sudra (Charitorer for Arjuna). How was that possible if Castes existed at that time!

Salian against his wishes was commanded by Duriodana to be the Charioter for Karuna.

(A Kshatriya to become a Sudra!) If castes existed at that time, Salian would have called forth the Castes code of conduct (The so called Hindu law or Manu’s laws) and castigated Duriodana for such a violation of Cast laws. That did not happen indicating there was no Caste system at that time!

One of the conditions for the Pandavas by the Kavravas after they lost in game of dice to the Kavravas was that the Pandavas should live in cities in disguise for a year and should not be identifiable by the Kavravas (Like a hide and seek game). So how did the Pandavas hide? They went in hiding and lived and worked as Sudras! Had the caste system existed at that time could the Pandavas live as Sudras?

All these above evidences clearly indicate Caste system did not exist in India at the time of Mahabharata.
The origin of Brahmanism is after the collapse of Buddhism in the 1st Century B.C. This is when the Caste system was devised and propagated. To propagate Brahmanism the Brahmins wrote the Smritis, Sruthis, Brahamanas, Upanishads, etc after that over the next 300 to 700 years. To give legitimacy and antiquity to their newly devised system they introduces new stories into the existing Ramayana and Mahabharata. They inserted stories that justify caste. They inserted Bhagavad-Gita inside the Mahabharata to justify Brahmanism were originally Krishna advised / pleaded Arjuna to fight his own relatives.

As these insertions were done over a period of time and by several different authors according to their belief, there are many different philosophies and contradictions in the most versions of the current Mahabharata.
Though any amount of hiding facts and rewriting did not completely erase the underlying truths. There lead to contradictory stories within Mahabharata and Ramayana. In order to prevent others from questioning these contradictions the Brahmins Manu’s law specified as one of its law not to question the validity of the Smritis, Sruthis and to be followed as given without questioning them. As this also did not help much they added one more law to ex-communicate anyone that questioned these laws, then they prevented anyone other than Brahmins to read these laws. Hence formed a new law that no one other than a Brahmin should study or recite the Vedas, Smritis, Sruthis, Brahamanas, and Upanishads. As reading them will bring forth the truth that they were trying to hide. But they gave a religious twist stating that they were so sacred that only a Brahmin can read them.

Though any amount of lying and modifying historic facts could not explain and justify the caste system as ancient history reveals people switched over jobs and Gurus participated in wars, the Brahmins adopted a new theory proposed by British that Aryans were a race and Kings Priests, Merchants (Kshatriyas, Brahmins, Vaysias) all came from the Aryan race. This helped the British to propose a superior European race over the Asian races. This helped the Brahmins to cover up the inconsistencies that they were trying to cover up that arose with their Brahmanism and Caste system. So the British and Brahmins together happily adopted and propagated the Aryan invasion theory that suggests Aryans were a race and they had (Kshatriya, Brahmins, Vaysias) and they defeated the ancient Indian races and made them their servants and made them the Sudras. To aid this they also propagated the stories that Pandavas, Rama and all famous ancient ruling dynasties as Aryans! As British educated only Brahmins during the first half of British rule in India, the Brahmins had an upper hand in completely rewriting history to their advantage. To unravel the deceit and bring forth the truth Dr.B.R.Ambedkar made every sincere effort. As his efforts started exposing the Brahmins, the Brahmins adopted all strategy to defame him and anyone that brought forth the truth.


  1. Hi selva,,,
    im a dalit student from delhi ...
    i just came across ur blog thru google looking for answers to my questions like the history of dalit ..origin ,,aryan race ..i must say that u have maintained a very informative blog ..keep up the good work ...i'll keep tab on ur blog

  2. I am not a Dalit. But I am all for Dalit empowerment. Reservations should continue until each and every dalit family is uplifted. Creamy Dalits should give way to lesser unfortunate dalits. Reservations in constituencies should be restricted to 10 years so that many more dalit families are exposed to politics.

    Hopefully in another 10 generations atleast we can eliminate the caste system

    Good Luck

    1. Reservation should be on economic based. And for reservation gov should provide facility and money. But let us do work hard to compete real competition. Because due to seat reservation system India lacking in technology.

  3. It not Fair and Healthy Development to limit Dr. B.R Ambedkar to some Caste, This will be an advantage to Other Forward Castes to Divide Dalits. Please Avoid This Try to Unite all Dalits. All Dalits Should be United

  4. Hi It's Naveen from Bangalore 09743949476

    Government is ready to Increase the List of Scheduled Castes or Tribes, But It's Not Ready to Increase the Percentage of Reservations as per the Ratio of Additional Castes Added. There will be Constitutional Problem to Increase the Percentage of Reservations but there will not be any problem to increase the SC/ST's List. Is it Not an Injustice
    It's a Nice Job that you have uploaded the works of Dr. B.R Ambedkar

  5. Great piece of information.
    I am a muslim from UP and deeply interested in Dalit movements in India.
    I want to learn more and get associated with it, if possible.
    I can be reached at

  6. Hello,

    The selected topic is very nice but I should say that you should go through some books nicely before uploading posts like this..

  7. The grasping intelligence power of brahmins are higher that is a true thing...but we cant dig out the history in a pure manner due to twist and turn during various era, invasions etc.. From the current perspective, the diff need to be realised and supremacy factor, undue advantage, opp to the eligible, provide support to learn reduce whatever the diff, past mistakes wrongs so as to treat all equal provide all chances of bett ..take the eg of US now a black man is president for twice in such a mix of races

  8. The natures rule is that there is alway difference races, species exists like plants, animals we are also under animal group only. By applying widsom, lets agree that the diff human classification is that type only. Why to think one is sup or other. Due to various countries, climatic conditions, period of time environmental diff see the people in india from various states how diff they look, talk, food habits even inside a state the language culture changes w.r.t area. Lets all should realise the diff as true, but need to coexist and put such diff in a lower level and think much higher to values. It wont happen all of a sudden, by constant process of giving right info provide right edn, civil systems, equality etc..may be a 100 yrs later there will be total diff systems from now. state need to think for unity and initiate the new generation to insert that element from child hood time is a good solution and truely the diff will be very minimal after a certain years.

  9. Dear Sir,
    Kindly see these links: and
    DMR Sekhar

  10. It is a great piece of writing enlightening the unknowns to understand the intrigue of the caste system enforced by the brahmins time to time to suit their requirements. These cunning fellows have extricated people opposed them and made them as delits.
    We, the Dalits should understand this and remain united to fight the casteism and protect our rights enforced in Law by the Great Dr Ambedkar.

  11. Dear Friend, The answer to your question is the caste system was well established from Ramayana as well, however it was decided on a persons action not birth. Later just before demise, caste system was made Rigid and thus it also deteriorated.

    One could be born in one caste, but with their actions they could change to another. Also each caste had a role which necessarily doesnt mean any is lower. The idea was of duty and service as needed and with renunciation. If one renounces the attachment and ego, then any task is another duty.

    The whole caste thing was blown out of proportion, demonized by British and disturbed by the old ones.

    1. sounds good. The practical experience by the ignorant and innocent Indians are dismal. Separate.. out of bound dwelling place/outskirts of city..(read Artha sastra) Manus smiriti and how Indias Inc. and other places they are treated. Indian Ostriches..

  12. Book by ABBE J. A. DUBOIS " Hindu manners customs and ceremonies ' Publishers AES Asian Educational Services do gives us some insight. It is good reading.

  13. A good Information but later wrongly interpreted. I shall give refutation to some of your interpretations on -

  14. Please see:

    DMR Sekhar

  15. I wish the cast system ceases to exist in India. But....

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  17. ये उच्च जाती के आर्य (ब्राह्मण + क्षत्रिय ) ही आंबेडकर और बुध्द के नाम से दलितों को मुर्ख बना रहे है और खुद राज कर रहे है ...अंबेडकर खुद चित्पावन बम्मन था...बुद्ध भी गौतम गोत्र का बम्मन था...अशोक भी बुद्ध के ही खानदान का था जिसने शुद्र किंग ऑफ़ कलिंगा को जात के कारण मारा था...इन लोगो का असली मकसद है "पुनर्जन्म" के सिध्धांत को बचाना (परमेश्वर को नकारना) ,ताकि इनकी उच्च जात की दूकानदारी चलती रहे ...ये लोग साप के पिल्लै है...इनका काम है परमेश्वर उसके नियम और उसके न्याय दिवस को नकार के अपनी ही मुर्ख बुद्धि से या शैतान के प्रभाव में आकर "पुनर्जन्म " की थ्योरी का प्रचार करना...मरने के बाद इंसानी रूह कुत्ता बनेगी बिल्ली बनेगी !!!पिछले जन्मो के पाप !!!क्या बेवकूफी है!!!इस थ्योरी से समाज में असमानता फैलती है और ये लोग आम जनता को मुर्ख बना कर उनपर राज करते है...ये लोग खुद को ही भगवान् समझने लगते है और फिर दुसरो को तुच्छ जानते है...इस तरह लोगो में अहंकार और नफरत बढ़ जाती है...इस तरह समाज में जातिवाद करप्शन गरीबी मुर्खता बढ़ जाती है...!!!और ये बेशर्म परमेश्वर को नकारने वाले धड़ल्ले से राज करते है और परमेश्वर ने बनायी इंसानी रूह,प्रभु के लोगो का अपमान और उनपर जुल्म ढाते है ,उनको अलग अलग झूटे थ्योरी बताकर मानसिक और फिर शारीरिक तौर पे गुलाम बनाकर रखते है...!!!
    रिजर्वेशन एक्ट अंग्रेजो की देन है ,येही रिजर्वेशन एक्ट जो १९३५ में था अब भारत के संविधान में है st ये शब्द अंग्रेजो की ही व्याख्या है ...अंग्रेजो का मकसद दलितों को मदत करना उनको न्याय दिलाना था का संविधान अंग्रेजो के १९३५ के सविधान का कॉपी पेस्ट है...और उसको बी एन राव ने ड्राफ्ट किया था ( eg . कॉपी पेस्ट अंग्रेजो का १९३५ एक्ट और उसके पहले के वर्षो के अंग्रेजो के एक्ट्स और कुछ देशो के एक्ट्स ) अम्बेडकर और उसकी कमिटी ने उसको सिर्फ थोडा बहुत revise करके असेंबली को पेश किया...जो की असेंबली में हज़ारो बार दुरुस्त किया गया discuss किया गया ,फाइनल ड्राफ्ट पर आखिर में ३००-४०० सांसदों ने sign किया तब जाके संविधान बना. बी एन राव ने बर्मा की भी सविंधान लिखने में मदत की थी ...पुणे पैक्ट गाँधी और आंबेडकर की दलितों को मुर्ख बनाने की चाल थी .आज के संविधान में अंग्रेजो का दिया हुआ आरक्षण जारी रखने की दो वजह है १) दलित लोग बगावत न करे २) जात के नाम पर डिवाइड एंड रूल ...इस तरह इन्होने दलितों को मुर्ख बनाया और सब जमीन और सत्ता की पदों को आपस में बाट लिया और दलितों को आरक्षण के टुकड़े फेक दिए!!!मजे की बात देखिये की जिसने दलितों को भिकारी बना दिया उसको ही मसीहा की तरह पूज रहे है...मुर्खता की भी हद है!!!
    भारत की आजादी मिलने की ४ वजहे है
    १) गरीब (और ज्यादातर दलित) ब्रिटिश इंडिया सिपहियोने ww२ के आखिरिमे अंग्रेजो के खिलाफ बगावत कर दी थी... 2.3 million(23 lakh ) soldiers manned the british Indian army and 89,000 of them died in military services (भला उच्च वर्ण के लोग क्यों जाए युद्ध में अपनी खेती बाड़ी मंदिर प्रॉपर्टी मान ठाट बाट छोड़कर मरने को युद्ध में?)
    २)ATLANTIC TREATY uk और usa के बिच जो ww२ के दौरान हुई थी
    ३) uk संसद का आर्थिक परेशानियोसे भारत को आजादी देने का निर्णय..
    ४)ब्रिटिश नागरिको की सहानुभूति भारतीय सैनिको की तरफ क्यों की वे उनकी तरफ से लडे थे...इसलिए उन्होंने भारतीय आज़ादी का प्रचार करने वाली पार्टी (labour party) को वोट दिया...
    हमारे इतिहास में जो ये जो सफ़ेद कपडोवाले उच्च वर्णीय स्वातंत्रवीर बताये है ये सब झूट है ये सब चोर है जिनको फुकट में इंडिया मिल गया और इन्होने आपस में इसे बाट लिया(जमीन और सत्ता )...और इतिहास झुटा लिखकर खुद को हीरो की तरह पेश कर लोगोको मुर्ख बनाया उनका पूरा ब्रेन वाशिंग कर डाला... वो गुंडा डाकू शिवाजी इनका हीरो बन जाता है ...शिवाजी पेशवे आंबेडकर सावरकर तिलक गोखले ये सब चित्पावन पेशवे ही है ... टैगोर ने अंग्रेज के राजा के स्वागत के लिए जो गीत गाया था १९११ में ,वो राष्ट्र गीत बन गया !!!इन कुत्तो को राज करने की ज़रा भी अक्कल नहीं है...इसलिए मुस्लिमोने और अंग्रेजो ने इन पर हजारो साल राज किया और अब फिर वापस करेंगे...इन लोगोका IQ कम है..ये लोग मुर्ख है...ये महाराष्ट्रियन कुत्तो के वजह से ही इंडिया आज पीछे है..ये जंगली और बावली गांड के लोग है जो बहोत अहंकारी और नफरत से भरे पड़े है ना ये खुद से प्रेम करते है ना पडोसियोसे ना परमेश्वर से..इन साप के पिल्लो को कुचल डालना ही एकमेव उपाय बचा है अब !!! अब झूट बाते ज्यादा दिन नहीं टिक सकेगी ...!!!
    जय हो !!!!

  18. history of reservation:-
    1. In India reservation was given to people before Indian independence also when India was ruled by British people.
    2. 1882 - Hunter Commission appointed. Mahatma Jyotirao Phule made a demand of free and compulsory education for all along with proportionate reservation/representation in government jobs.mahatma fule was sponsered by scottish missionary church,he studied at,tutored at Scottish Mission's High School, Pune; Even duke of Connaught,who was a grandson of Queen Victoria,came to India on 2march 1888 ,to superwise and guide Scottish missionaries and Fule's work,he was felicitated by Fule at public welcome ceremony!!!!
    3. In the year 1902 , Chatrapati Sahuji Maharaj, Maharaja of Kolhapur in Maharashtra.king shahu maharaj was dummy king of british raj,the act of reservation was created by his guru his mentor his guardian tutor, administrative officer,IAS ...Sir Stuart Fraser...!!!
    4. Introduced reservation in favor of backward classes to eradicate poverty and give them chance to participate in the state administration.
    5. The notification of 1902 created 50% reservation in services for backward classes/communities in the State of Kolhapur. This notification is the first Govt. Order providing for reservation for the welfare of depressed classes in India.
    6. Because of caste system millions of families in India got ill treatment and no opportunities to rise in society.
    7. 1908-Reservations were introduced in favor of a number of castes and communities that had little share in the administration by the British.
    8. 1909- Provisions were made in the Government of India Act 1909 commonly known as the Morley-Minto Reforms
    9. 1919 - Provisions were made in the Government of India Act 1919 mont ford reforms
    10. 1921-Madras Presidency introduces Communal G O in which reservation of 44 per cent for non-Brahmins, 16 per cent for Brahmins, 16 per cent for Muslims, 16 per cent for Anglo-Indians/ Christians and eight per cent for Scheduled Castes.
    11. 1935-Indian national congress passes resolution called Poona Pact to allocate joint electoral constituencies for depressed classes.
    12. 1935 - Provisions in Government of India Act 1935.made by simon commission
    13. 1947-India obtained Independence. Dr. Ambedkar was appointed chairman of the drafting committee for Indian Constitution.
    14. 26/01/1950-The Constitution of India came in force.
    15. 1951 - In the case of State of Madras Vs. Smt. Champakam Dorairanjan AIR 1951 SC 226 Court has pronounced that caste based reservations as per Communal Award violates Article 15(1).
    16. 1st constitutional amendment (Art. 15 (4)) introduced to make judgment invalid.
    17. 1953-Kalelkar Commission was established to assess the situation of the socially and educationally backward class.
    18. 1963 - Court has put 50% cap on reservations in the case of M R Balaji v Mysore AIR 1963 SC 649.
    19. Tamil Nadu (69%, under 9th schedule) and Rajasthan 68% exceeded this lim

  19. Indian Constitution,the largest written constitution in the world, is a compilation of many things and attributes taken over from a plethora of sources. Yes, the foundations of the Indian Constitution are laid on major articles and clauses drawn from GOI,1935 and for that matter many other colonial acts, not wholly, but partly, according to the needs of the country.
    Besides this, the Constituent Assembly borrowed various features from more than one country, gave its own colour to address the intricacies of the Indian empire and to serve in its paramount intrest.mostly it is copy paste of GOI 1935
    how it was done?

    A primary draft Constitution was prepared based on various sources(viz. Government of India Act 1858, Indian Councils Act 1861, Indian Councils Act 1892, Indian Councils Act 1909, Government of India Act 1919, Government of India Act 1935 and the Indian Independence Act 1947 and borrowed articles and ideas from many countries...constitutions of uk usa irland australia france canada russia germany south africa japan) by the drafting committee and submitted to the Assembly on 4 November 1947, which was debated discussed and over 2000 amendments were moved over a period of two years.The assembly met in sessions open to the public, for 166 days, spread over a period of 2 years, 11 months and 18 days before adopting the Constitution, Finally on 26 November 1949, the process was completed and the Constituent Assembly adopted the Constitution. 284 members signed the document and the process of constitution making was complete.the 308 members of the assembly signed two copies of the document (one each in Hindi and English) on 24 January 1950... ....source wikipedia

  20. बुद्ध कहता है सब "दुःख" है लेकिन असल में दुःख परमेश्वर से मुख मोड़ने से निर्माण होता है...बुध्द कहता है सब परिवर्तनशील है लेकिन असल में सब कुछ परमेश्वर के प्लान के हिसाब से बदल रहा है...बुध्ध कहता है अप्पो दीप भव लेकिन असल में मुर्ख खुद पे भरोसा करने से खड्डे में गिर जाता है...अँधा अंधे को डुबाये...बुध्ध कहता है व्यभिचार मत करो चोरी मत करो झूट मत बोलो लालच मत करो खून मत करो ..और फिर पॉलिटिकली बोलता है इसमें से माध्यम मार्ग निकालो!!!क्या सौ सच बोलने से हमारा एक झूट परमेश्वर के सामने सच में बदल जाएगा? फिर वो बोलता है आत्मा नहीं है तो फिर ये बोधिसत्व कैसे पैदा हो रहे है?बुध्ध कहता है सब शून्य है व्यर्थ है असल में ऐसा बोल के वो परमेश्वर का और उसकी रचना का अपमान कर रहा है...दुःख जो है वो परमेश्वर से मुख मोड़ने से और जब हम दुसरे इंसानों से प्रेम नहीं करते तब आता है...!!! क्योकि हमारी ओरिजिनल रचना परमेश्वर ने उसकी प्रार्थना के लिए और दुसरो से प्रेम करने के लिए ही बनायी थी लेकिन बाद में दुस्ट आत्माओ के बहकावे में आने के कारण उसका पतन हो गया...मौत ने आ दबोचा!!!

    आदमी सवेंदनाओ से विचारों से ,उसकी इच्छा भावनाओ से जाना जाता है ,ये सब मिटाना खुद को मिटाने जैसी ही बात है...!!!ये स्लो डेथ ही है,आत्महत्या ही है ...ये बुद्ध की शिक्षा लोगो को बहकाती है ...सिर्फ मरा हुआ इंसान या ब्रेन डेड इंसान या पागल इंसान या पत्थर ही इच्छा रहित या ईगो रहित हो सकता है...ये परमेश्वर ने बड़ी मेहनत से बनाए हुए शरीर और बुद्धि की घोर अवहेलना ही है...माया कहकर परमेश्वर की रचना का अपमान कर रहा है...!!!ये मुर्ख कहता है आत्मा ही नहीं है!!फिर कहता है पुनर्जन्म है !कहता है ये आख से दिखने वाला संसार माया है और उसका "निर्वाण " सच है ,कल को ये आदमी उस इनविजिबल "निर्वाण " को भी माया बोल सकता है ,ऐसे इंसान का क्या भरोसा!!जो इंसान खुद के स्वार्थ के लिए अपनी बीवी बच्चो माता पिता को छोड़ देता है उसपे भरोसा करना कितना सही है?क्या उनपे अन्याय नहीं हुआ? वो खुद के आर्य वंश पे गर्व करता है...उसके सब प्रवचन उच्च जातियों को संबोधित है ,शुद्रो को नहीं!! सब बोधिसत्त्व उच्ची जात से है ...जातक कथा पूरी जात पात से भरी पड़ी है...वो औरतो को संघ में प्रवेश के खिलाप था!!उन्होंने उपोषण किया था तब जाके वो माना था लेकिन फिर अफ़सोस से बोला की अब मेरा "धर्म" ज्यादा दिन नहीं टिकेगा.!!!वो पुनर्जन्म को मानता है !!!असल में उसने जातपात को नहीं नकारा बल्कि उसने समाज और उसके कायदे कानून से डिटाच होने को कहा क्यों की उसको निर्वाण प्राप्त करना था...उसने उसके शिष्यों को सिखया की सब डिजायर आशा अटैचमेंट बंद कर दो...समाज में दलितों को न्याय लाने की भी आशा छोड़ दो ,ये भी एक तरह का अटैचमेंट ही है सिर्फ खुद की जनम जनम के फेरे से मुक्ति की तरफ, मैडिटेशन (सब डिजायर बंद)की तरफ ध्यान दो ...ये स्लो डेथ स्लो सुसाइड नहीं तो और क्या है?बादमे उसने दलितों को भी एडमिशन देना चालू किया क्योकि असल में ये उसकी चाल थी बगावत करने वालो दलितों को कैसे शांत करे इसकी ...!!!उसको शंकराचार्य ने पागल बोला था..अँधा अंधे को डुबाये...असल में हमें इंसानों का नहीं बल्कि प्रभु परमेश्वर का गाइडेंस चाहिए..इंसानों का ज्ञान परमेश्वर के सामने मुर्खता है वैसे ही इंसानों का कर्म भी प्रभु के सामने फटे कपड़ो से ज्यादा कुछ नहीं...इंसान को अपने ज्ञान या कर्म पर अहंकार नहीं करना चाहिए बल्कि प्रभु से उसके आशीर्वाद की प्रार्थना करना चाहिए तभी मुक्ति मिल सकती है क्योकि यहाँ कोई भी नहीं जिसने पाप नहीं किया हो या सर्वज्ञानी हो सिवाय उस प्रभु परमेश्वर के,हमारा मुख सदा उसकी ही तरफ होना चाहिए ...AMEN

  21. ambedkar was sponsered by savarkar/hindu maha sabha and rss to reform and save indic dharma as christian missionaries were exposing its lies!!!" riddles of hinduism" is actually christian missionary study in early 1900...!!!vivekananda tilak savarkar all got frightened!!!gokhale tilak savarkar ambedkar are all from chitpavan peshwa caste!!! britishers also helped ambedkar as it was opportunity to bring indians closer to CHRIST...but instead of chosing CHRIST he chose his original brahmanism i.e. budhdhism.!!!ये लोग कभी नहीं सुधरेंगे!!!ये बुध्ध महावीर भी इस राम के ही खानदान के है ,इक्ष्वाकु मौर्या शाक्य रघु सूर्य गौतम गोत्र ये सब एक ही बम्मन है...किंग अशोक भी इसी खानदान का है उसने ही कलिंगा के शुद्र किंग को जात के कारण मारा था...ये ही स्टोरी बॉलीवुड स्टाइल में गीता में है...गीता में अर्जुन अशोक का प्रतिक है और कृष्ण बुध्ध का का जो नेशनल एंब्लेम है उसमे सिहं ये बम्मन जात को दर्शाता है बैल शुद्र को .हाती वैश्य को और घोडा क्षत्रिय को ...ये जंगल राज का प्रतिक है ..,अशोक का बुध्ध धर्म ये "पोलिटिकली करेक्ट " ब्रह्मनिजम ही है ...साम दाम दंड भेद छल कपट झूट से राज करना ही इन लोगो का धर्म है...ये सब असभ्य जंगली लोग है...साप के पिल्लै है ..इन कुत्तो को इतनी भी अक्कल नहीं है की जो गाना टैगोर ने अंग्रेज के राजा के स्वागत के लिए गाया था १९११ में ,उसको ही राष्ट्र गीत बना दिया!!!इन कुत्तो को राज करने की ज़रा भी अक्कल नहीं है...इसलिए मुस्लिमोने और अंग्रेजो ने इन पर हजारो साल राज किया और अब फिर वापस करेंगे...इन लोगोका IQ कम है..ये लोग मुर्ख है. ...

  22. किसी ब्राह्मण को उसकी जात बदलकर दलित का "मसीहा" प्रोजेक्ट करना ये ब्राह्मणवादी सरकार की चाल है ताकि दलित गुमराह बने रहे...और जाती के नाम पर रिजर्वेशन देकर डिवाइड एंड रूल करते रहे...और वे बगावत न करे इसलिए उनको ये टुकड़ा फेक दिया है ....!!!पुणे पैक्ट ये आंबेडकर और गाँधी की दलितों को मुर्ख बनाने की चाल थी...शायद गाँधी को बम्मनोने ने झूट बोलकर, फसाकर ,लड़किया देकर ये सब करवाया है. इस भारतीय संविधान /घटना में ऐसा क्या नया है जो दलितों को मिला है? न जमीं मिली है और न ही खुद के ही वोट से खुद के कैंडिडेट चुनने के अधिकार...भिकारी बना दिया आंबेडकर ने तुमको और उसको ही पूज रहे है...!!!!बुध्द धर्म ये हिन्दू धर्म ही है...ये "पॉलिटिकली करेक्ट" ब्रह्मनिस्म ही है...इसको जिनिअस आंबेडकर ने कुछ और ज्यादा ही "पॉलिटिकली करेक्ट" कर डाला है जिसको ओरिजिनल बुद्धिस्ट लोगो ने मानने से इनकार कर दिया है...ये सब "पुनर्जन्म " के झूटे सिद्धांत को बचाने की कोशिश है जिससे अप्रत्यक्ष रूप से जातपात बनी रहती है और उच्च वर्गियो की दूकान चलती रहती है...गौतम ये बम्मन गोत्र है अशोक उसके ही खान दान का था...उसने शुद्र किंग ऑफ़ कलिंगा को जात के कारण मारा था...जातपात बनाए रखना ही इन लोगो का "धर्म " है...!!!!जैन सिख हिन्दू और बुध्ध ये सब एक ही मूल आधार पर रचे बसे है...जो है "पुनर्जन्म " और खुद का "भगवान्/ गुरु दिव्य पुरुष " बनने की धारना...इससे आदमी अहंकारी बनाता है और दुसरे को तुच्छ समजता है ,"पुनर्जन्म" से समाज की असमानता जस्टिफाई होती है ...ये सब झूट है ,ये सच्चे परमेश्वर से मुख मोड़ना ही है और ये ही वजह है भारत में जात पात की, गरीबी की,बौध्धिक और पदार्थ रूपी दरिद्रता की और मुर्खता की ...सब करप्शन लालच झूट फरेब नफरत अहंकार सब की जड़ ये ही है "पुनर्जन्म और खुद को दिव्य समझना" इसकी विचारधारा ...ये शैतान साप का ओरिजिनल झूट है जो उसने ईव से कहा था,वो कहता है "तुम नहीं मरोगे" याने पुनर्जन्म और " तुम खुद भगवान/दिव्य" बन सकते हो याने सब के अन्दर भगवान् है... ये सब सच्चे परमेश्वर से मुख मोड़ना ही है.ये सब उसका ही नतीजा है .जब हम परमेश्वर से मुख मोडते है तब हम इंसानों के और दुष्ट आत्माओ के जाल में फस जाते है ...इस झूटी विचारधारा से असमानता बनाए रखना ही इन कुछ लोगो का "धर्म" है .ROOT CAUSE of caste system is "reincarnation" and "self realisation or enlightenment theory". ..self realisation i.e. man becoming god or goddess himself or herself produces egoistic attitude and despise for others .and reincarnation theory maintains and justifies caste system in is nothing but straighforward denial of is deception of satan.this system maintains superiority of certain groups in society hence these people want to keep "karma dharma reincarnation moksha nirvana" based dharmic religions i.e. all indic religions o...These are not true religions leading to true GOD and salvation but political and social system with bunch of human wisdom in it."upper caste" people will try and do anything to keep this system!!!