Thursday, July 17, 2008


The late D.F. Karaka, a Parsee journalist from Bombay, was the editor of the weekly English paper, Current, noted for his crusading zeal. In this article published in the Current dated Nov.17, 1951 (reproduced as a booklet by the Dravida Kazhagam Publications, Madras, in 1998 under the title Dangers of Caste Mark), Karaka discloses the shocking case of a sensational highway robbery by a gang of notorious Iyengar Brahmins headed by no less a person than C. Rajagopalachari, called the Southern Fox who reached the country’s highest position, to sabotage a criminal case against a jatwala Bangalore Iyengar.

The case may be as old as 1951 — 57 years — but the passage of half a century brought not an iota of change in the mindset of these career casteists to whom their caste is above the country.

The power of these casteists, who control all levers of power from top to bottom even to this day, is threatening the very foundation of India. Karaka’s concern that the caste is endangering the country’s future continues to be true even to this day. Rather, the power of the casteists is growing stronger (photocopy of the booklet can be had from DALITS VOICE office. Rs. 20) —

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