Sunday, March 25, 2012

Why I (one should) hate The Hindu and its editor N.Ram in Srilankan Tamil issue?

I am writing this article on seeing one of the most distressing war crime videos committed by the srilankan soldiers (animals in uniforms) aired by channel 4.Whats been interesting to note is that barring some progressive news groups majority of the bigger news agencies in India viz The Hindu, Times of India etc see India’s support to the US sponsored resolution against srilanka and the entire war crimes committed by the srilankan army against the Tamils as an diplomatic issue between India and srilanka. Instead of covering and condemning the heinous war crimes committed by the Lankans Indian media especially The Hindu headed by N.Ram continue to serve as an unofficial media partner to Srilankan government. Even the so called biggest enemy Pakistan never kills Indian fisher men but the lankan navy has killed more than 100s of Tamil fishermen brutally till now and the killings haven’t stopped yet. As a leader in print media the The Hindu never questioned this Lankan government attitude towards Tamil fisherman in India. The Hindu news paper continues to betray Tamil people both in Tamilnadu and in Srilanka. Even after the Geneva resolution The Hindu paper is openly supporting the srilankan war criminals in its news editorial and news analysis report. We the people of Tamilnadu must expose this shameful act of The Hindu and its (mama) editor N.Ram.

A picture of N.RAM posted in a blog against his fascist attitude

Here are the facts and findings in support of my claims

The Hindu is an open supporter of Srilankan government. So one can easily say this Hindu group would never highlight the truth in Srilankan Tamil issue. Some classical examples are

1. When a Srilankan news paper (Sunday times of srilanka) refused to accept (on account of growing dangerous trend towards the journalist in lanka) the highest Srilankan honor for a journalist. The Hindu Ram accepted the ‘Best Journalist of Asia award’ from an NGO (supported by War criminal mahinda)

2. He is also the First Indian National to get "SriLanka Rathna" award from the srilankan government. If such is the closeness between The Hindu Ram and war criminal Mahinda. How can one expect The Hindu group to speak the truth?????

3. No journalist in the world would term a visit to a refugee camp as an up lifting experience as N.Ram described in one of his article immediately after the end of war between the LTTE and Lankan army on 2009 Visiting the Vavuniya IDP camps: an uplifting experience,. It is to be noted that the srilankan government at that time refused entry to any international journalist or even the Red Cross officials in to the refugee camps but for The Hindu N.Ram the war criminal mahinda arranged for a special helicopter to look in to the internally displaced camp for the war displaced Tamil people.

4. Here is an article listing the one sided attitude (in support of srilankan government) of The Hindu and its chief N.Ram towards the srilankan Tamil issue and also the Tamil fishermen rights in katchatheevu islands.

“The Hindu”s extreme Pro Sri Lankan Propaganda

The Sri Lanka crisis and the recent offensive of the Sri Lankan army on the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam gained much media attention in India. The Hindu group coverd the developments very closely. However, most readers notice that The Hindu is biased on the issue and often functions as propaganda machinery for the Sri Lankan government and its Army. Mr N Ram of The Hindu is known to have been involved in the high level discussions between all the involved parties – the Tamil rebels, Indian government officials and Sri Lanka government officials during early 80′s. The group has maintained an extreme hardline pro Sri Lanka stand on the issue ignoring the Tamil and Indian interests in the region. There have been several public protests in the state of Tamil Nadu against the biased reporting of The Hindu on the Sri Lanka issue………To read the complete story click on the following link “The Hindu”s extreme Pro Sri Lankan Propaganda

“The Hindu”s lies about Katchatheevu Island

Hindu editorial against the Sovereignty of India and invites Contempt of court

On 22.06.2006 The Hindu published their editorial with a title “Katchatheevu is settled” propagating a lie as if they are announcing a foreign policy. Immediately it is republished in Sri Lanka with a title “Katchatheevu is settled, say Indian media “………To read the complete story click on the following link “The Hindu”s lies about Katchatheevu Island.

5. A letter that never got published in The Hindu news paper.

An Open Letter to The Hindu

A friend asked me to look at the last page of the Hindu today (July 4th, 2009). At a first look, it appeared as though there were a lot of advertisements on the page. After a closer observation, I found out that I was not far from the truth. The lead article “Visiting the Vavuniya IDP camps: an uplifting experience” is nothing short of an advertisement for the Lankan government. The article flows like a good corporate ad – the (non-existent) virtues of the Lankan state have been overstated while its miserable failures have been understated…….. To read the complete story click on the following link An Open Letter to The Hindu

6. An article by a Delhi based journalist on The Hindu Ram

The Ram-Rajapaksa Tape: Fictional By Satya Sagar

I appeal to all the readers don’t stamp me as Tamil nationalist, on reading this article. As a Human rights activist I wanted to highlight this one sided journalism of The Hindu. Please spread this article and create awareness about this modern day Media mafia The Hindu N.Ram.

Note: This type of one sided reporting of The Hindu is happening in The Mullaiperiyar dam issue as well. A total of more than 10-15 reports in support of the kerala government (barring few in support of the truth) has been published in The Hindu paper so far. (Most of the article is contributed by Ramaswamy R. Iyer).


India third 'snoopiest' country: Google Transparency Report. The GOI have requested Google to censor the internet contents/opinions of many users who speak against the Indian government. Even dictatorship countries haven't placed such a number of censor requests to the Google. So it’s clear that the government of India is keeping an eye on its internet users and with the help of Google, GOI have acquired the privacy details of the internet users to intimidate them. The important fact is that the Indian government seeks censorship to political views, hate speech, Government Criticism etc. It is clear we the Indians don’t have freedom of speech when it comes to criticizing government in key issues.


Hence I hereby declare that the above article is my personal opinion and it is not being copied from any other Internet/anti-India websites.


  1. You call yourself as a human rights activist. It is also praiseworthy that you have taken pains to present your article with facts. But posting the picture of a newspaper who is an acclaimed journalist in his own right is not certainly in good taste. There are many ways to express our feelings and views and in our fit of anger and frustration , we should never sacrifice our sensibilities, because you should understand that such action will not certainly demean the other person , except you. I think the tradition of brahmin bashing in Tamil nadu has attained demoniac proportion. A tradition started by the so called elders still continues when the issue has outlived its course,but people like you still continues to live in the old world divorced from the reality around you.

    1. wat to do wen the thinking of the brahmins has never changed . persons such as this fool,another bafoon subramanian swamy and likes of s v sekar and cho have only weakened cause of brahmins and further alienated them from mainstream tamils. now tell me how many brahmins from TN hav considered them Tamils first?!