Sunday, June 1, 2008

Crime against dalit girl in gujarat

Gujrat Admin : Making of worst

The state is ranked third in terms of the atrocities against Dalits.

The gang rape and sexual exploitation on a Dalit girl by six teachers in Patan’s PTC College is not an isolated incident in Gujarat. The state is ranked third in terms of the atrocities on Dalits, after Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan, despite being ranked 14th in terms of the total Dalit population in the country, a mere one lakh. “This incident is shocking, but nothing new for us; it is only the tip of the iceberg. The victim’s father is an agricultural labourer from Visnagar. They hail from a very weak financial background. Dalit girls like her are commonplace in Gujarat and very vulnerable as social support is not forthcoming. In the last seven months, eight minor Dalit girls have been raped, but enough action is not being taken gainst the guilty. This incident is more serious as the culprit is a government servant,” said Dalit activist Manjula Pradeep, director Navsarjan Trust.

Another such incident was reported three years ago in a government hostel in Gadhada, Bhavnagar, where a minor Dalit girl was raped in a government hostel by a teacher, Pradeep added. Tribal activist Ganesh Devy claims caste discrimination is sharper in Gujarat because there are a lot of sects in the state. “Without generalising, I can say that the ghetto culture is very strong in rural as well as the urban areas of Gujarat, which leads to all kinds of discrimination in the society. In other states, such caste specific ghettos have disintegrated, but Gujarat still has them,” he said. Director of NGO Prashant Father Cedric Prakash has urged the National Human Rights Commission to act expeditiously and try this case in the fast track court.

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