Sunday, June 22, 2008

Man kills daughter for marrying Dalit

Man kills daughter for marrying Dalit

Rajkot, June 20: In a gruesome act of honour killing, a man from the Koli community killed his daughter for marrying a Dalit boy in Khodiyar Rajapara village of Bhavnagar on Thursday morning. Jotha Rathod, 46, stabbed his 19-year-old daughter Hetal to death and then surrendered before police, still holding the knife dripping with blood. His two sons, accused of holding Hetal down while Rathod stabbed her, are absconding.

Rathod, a labourer, said his daughter married a lower caste boy against his wish. He got angry when she returned to the village about six months ago, despite him warning not to.

According to Palitana circle police inspector MH Patel, Hetal had married Devji Naran, 22, in December 2006. Rathod attacked her on Thursday when she was carrying water for workers in her husband’s factory in Dalitwas making cotton belts for charpoys.

While her two brothers Raju and Sanjay held on to her, Rathod stabbed her. She shouted for help, but was profusely bleeding from the stomach by the time Devji could reach her. She died before she could be brought to a hospital. Devji has registered a complaint against Rathod, Raju and Sanjay.

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